Citizens Help, a Non-Profit on a Mission to Provide Direct Payments to American Households Thru This Crisis and Beyond

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We are currently inviting businesses, authors, and artists to make donations to our crowdfunding campaign. Use this form.

We welcome digital coupons that we can sell to support our launch crowdfunding campaign.

For other partners including non-profits and foundations, register your interest to be part of our current and future initiatives.

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Three things you can do to support our mission today:

1) Sign an online letter to bring awareness of our non-profit to elected officials for potential collaborations to benefit their constituents thru Modern Action.

2) Download GuvBux App from App Store or Google Play and Use Code: CITIZENS

3) Make a donation at

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You are invited to be a beneficiary. Join our waitlist and you will be the first to know when we begin boarding.

Any American household can register to receive our $1000 a month direct payments to be used toward housing, utilities, food, health and transport.

Boarding based on available funding. We are currently pre-launch.


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